Printing tshirts using Strong To Dress (DTG) printing, the process of printing to cotton based fabrics (i.e. tshirts) employing a big structure inkjet printer, is far better than screen printing, the process of pressing inks into cloth via a stencil. It is more environmentally friendly, less time consuming and cheaper for zazzle special coupon 2022 smaller runs.

DTG t-shirt printing is more environmentally than screen printing. DTG uses water-based inks to printing straight onto clothing, this means there are no surplus inks utilized in the specific making and the sole spend that does occur is from the casual printing mind washing – it will also be observed that mind cleaning doesn’t include any additional components only ink. Obviously, significant mind washing could be avoided by standard preservation of the printer, and thus one head clean per day – a subject of millilitres – is usually sufficient. Then provided that spend ink is discarded precisely, printing tops utilising the DTG approach must have almost no environmental impact. Screen printing but has surplus inks from parts of the stencil perhaps not printed to the tshirt and when displays are washed these surplus inks are then rinsed down the drain.

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